Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stars who have gone under the knife 7 - 10

Nicole Kidman

Sharon Osbourne likened this starlet's forehead to a flatscreen tv in an interview earlier this year. It wasn't the first time someone had commented on Kidman's Botox brow. Often the butt of many tinseltown jokes, Nicole's unbendable forehead has drawn attention away from another rather obvious touch-up, her nose. We dare not hazard a guess as to what else has been tweaked but we know that stars often go back for thirds when it comes to Rhinoplastic.

Stars who have gone under the knife 8 - 10

Vanessa Williams

As Ugly Betty's Wilhelmina Slater, Williams has had her assistant inject her forehead with Botox in scenes. In life however, we've seen Vanessa's forehead crease. So for some time we thought that maybe this star was just aging gracefully. It wasn't until we dug up an archived Miss America photo that we realized how much has changed since this actress was a beauty queen. Noses don't shrink. Hers did. You figure it out.

Stars who have gone under the knife 9 - 10

Victoria Beckham

With each passing year the girl formally known as Posh Spice becomes more and more unrecognizable. Features seem to get smaller and tighter with this footballer's wife. If we wait long enough, some of them might disappear.

Stars who have gone under the knife 10 - 10

Michael Jackson

We couldn't do a list like this without honouring the king of cosmetic surgery. No other star could have kept their iconic status with a constantly changing face. Michael Jackson, we solute you.
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