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Nenek harap cucu insaf, bertaubat

JEMPOL - Walaupun suaminya mati di tangan sekumpulan penjenayah remaja yang melibatkan cucu sendiri pada malam Khamis lalu, pertalian darah mendorong seorang nenek sanggup menjadi pemaaf dengan menganggap peristiwa hitam itu sebagai satu ujian tuhan.

Halimah Yasin, 57, berkata, dia reda dengan kematian suaminya, Mohtar Yusof, 71, yang diserang dan ditikam dengan pisau dari belakang dalam kejadian di Felda Palong Dua di sini.

"Peristiwa itu sudah berlaku. Walaupun dia (cucu) terlibat, saya sudah memaafkan serta ampun kesalahannya.

"Saya harap dia insaf dan bertaubat,'' kata Halimah ketika ditemui di rumahnya semalam.

Pasangan warga emas itu pulang daripada satu kenduri tahlil pada malam kejadian sebelum mendapati bilik tidur mereka sedang digeledah.

Mohtar yang bergelut dengan kumpulan penjenayah remaja berusia 15 hingga 18 tahun itu akhirnya ditikam dengan pisau dari belakang sebelum kesemua suspek lari bersama wang dan barang kemas bernilai RM10,000.

Halimah yang tidak berupaya menyelamatkan suaminya sempat melihat kelibat cucunya itu yang berusia 17 tahun dan menetap di Melaka.

Divya Mukta Vati (for High Blood Pressure)

Product Description

Divya Mukti Vati is an ancient ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of high blood pressure. Though western medicine claims high blood pressure cannot be cured, reasearch by Swami Ramdev's Patanjali Yoga Pith has shown that Divya Mukta Vati can immediately reduce your blood pressure to normal within 3 or 4 days of taking, and with continued use you can become cured of the disease. For best results you should also practice the special breathing exercises (pranayama) as outlined in Swam Ramdev's book "Pranayama: Its Philosophy & Practice".

Main Ingredients:

A celestial medicine prepared with pious herbs found in the Himalayas, like Brahmi, Sankha-pushpi, Ustukhudusa (Arabian or French Lavender), Arjuna, Puskara-mula, Jata-mamsi, Sarpagandha, Jyotishmati, Vaca, Ashvagandha and other cooling herbs like Moti Pishti (Mukta Pishti).

Therapeutic Uses:

  • Absolutely free from side effects.
  • Cures high blood pressure caused by any reason, either by kidney disorder, heart disease or by increased cholestrol, anxiety, tension, or for hereditary reasons.
  • Also cures associated complications like insomnia, feeling of uneasiness, palpitation, pain in the chest and head. There is no need to take any extra medicine for the relief of these complications. Intake of this 'Mukta Vati' will not produce excessive sleep in persons who already have normal sleep.
  • There is no need to take allopathic or any other medicine along with the administration of 'Mukta Vati'. If a patient already takes any other medicine he may stop that undoubtedly. If any patient has been taking other medicine for a long time, or is habituated to taking that medicine, then first he should gradually reduce the dose of that medicine along with the intake of 'Mukta Vati'. Thereafter, he may stop taking that other medicine gradually.
  • Mukta Vati also gives immediate relief to those patients whose blood pressure doesn't become normal even after taking allopathic medicine, and who are suffering from insomnia (sleeplessness) as well as uneasiness.
  • Allopathic medicines give only temporary relief, as they are not able to root out the disease, whereas 'Mukta Vati' cures the disease forever within a short period of one or one and a half years. It normalizes the blood pressure, and there is no need to take any other medicine.
  • If for exceptional reasons one has to take 'Mukta Vati' for a long time, still there is no harm as it doesn't produce any side effect.
Mode of Administration & Dosage:

  • If B.P. is 160/100 mmhg. or more while taking allopathic medicine: 1-2 tabs, thrice a day - before breakfast, before lunch, and one hour before diner with fresh water.
  • If B.P. is 140/90 mmhg. while taking allopathic medicine: 1-2 tabs twice a day - before breakfast and diner.
  • It will be more effective if tablet is chewed first and then water is taken. Allopathic medicine should be stopped when B.P. becomes normal.

If patient is taking allopathic medicine then he should be made to check his B.P. after starting 'Mukta Vati'. When B.P. becomes normal even without taking allopathic medicine then allopathic medicine should be discontinued. If patient is habituated to taking allopathic medicine, then the dosage should be reduced gradually and then stopped. Meanwhile 2 tablets, of 'Mukta Vati' (before breakfast or lunch) should be continued. If by taking 'Mukta Vati' (2 tabs.) once a day, B.P. becomes normal for some period, then dosage should be reduced to one tablet per day in the morning. This wil stablize B.P. in the normal level. Dose of one tablet (once a day) should be continued for some days. Then B.P. will be come 120/ 80 mmhg, or less. Now the dose of 'Mukta Vati' should be reduced to one tablet twice a week, and then one tab once a week. Thereafter intake of the medicine should be stopped. Now B.P. will remain normal and the patient will be healthy and fit.


  • Take light and digestive food;
  • Take 2 to 4 tumblers of water early in the morning.

Take salt in less quantity. In the place of sea-salt, rock-salt should be taken.

(40 grams of Divya Mukta Vati produced by Swami Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy. Approximately 120 tablets per bottle.);-40-grams.html



Do u know if Aswagandharishtam is good to control epilepsy ?


Nipun Noby

Hi Nipun

Aswagandharishtam is useful an anti-stress supportive treatment in
various ailments where central nervous system is involved. If you are
specifically looking for anti-epilepsy herbs/formulations, several
better alternatives exist. Some of them are described in


Though above post refers to vertigo, some of the formulations
mentioned there, e.g. Brahmi Ghrutam and Smruti Sagar Ras have been
used by this author as anti-epileptic medicines successfully.

Even ashwagandharishtam has been discussed in that post, but it can
serve as supportive but not controlling medicine in case of epilepsy.

Following post was inspired by the case of your son, wherein anti-
epileptic properties of durva grass were mentioned:


Dr Bhate

Slimming, Anxity, Aswagandha

Under Topic of the month, Nervous system Vatic Disorders, the issue
of anxiety and also a major herb which treats it is addressed in this
post. The use of Aswagandha leaves for slimming is touched upon.

Anxiety, is a very common occurrence, often accompanies depression.
It is characterized by a feeling of impending disaster and an
inability to deal with the pressures of everyday life. Insomnia also
accompanies anxiety. For poor sleepers following website offers
simple and good tips:

Anxiety attacks come especially while adjusting to a new situation,
for which mind was not able to do any rehearsal. Quite often anxiety
is stress-related. For instance, if you normally get up at 6:30 AM
and one day if you need to get up at 04:45 AM to catch an early
morning flight, the mind imagines all mishaps like alarm clock
failure, traffic jam, car breakdown, your oversleeping, etc. and does
not allow you to sleep. Catching that flight is a question of life
and death. The palpitations are caused while taking an examination,
facing an interview and it is the mind which makes you fail.
Similarly, butterflies in stomach while making a business
presentation or presenting a paper in a large audience.

The anxiety disorder is divided into different types and modern
medications available along with their side effects can be studied on:

The modern medication may control the symptoms but may not cure the
disease, as noted on above site. The reason why this state arises,
according to author, is inability of the mind to stop thinking and
intellect feeding the mind all possible options. The most wonderful
and intricate creation of God is the human mind. All the yogis on the
path of self-realization are spending years and births to go to that
no-mind situation.

The persons engaged in intellectual professions (IT, medicine,
finance) and "burning to succeed" have to keep reading much
information. Many possible options which can be present based on
information at hand have to be weighed carefully and most likely
outcome has to be chosen. This is the filed of investigation. Medical
diagnosis using modern medical science is often this type. The person
gifted with "medha", on the other hand studies the situation like an
experienced chase player, who grasps the board quickly and makes a
move subconsciously. His brain has all data and makes the decision
based on artificial intelligence developed through the experience.
When brain, though using its faculties full steam, lacks the adequate
nutrition, mental fatigue results. Thinking ability is the gift
Almighty has given to everyone to a varying degree; it is only when
the nutrition does not provide toning cranial nerves, then problems
arise. Before studying Ayurveda recommendations, a cursory glance at
herbal proposals from other countries may be useful, since ayurvedic herbs from
India are often difficult to obtain elsewhere. The herbs used
provide a tranquilizing effect.

Chinese herbalist recommend herbs with the unusual names of zizyphi
seed and ligustrum. Ligustrum is one of the herbs commonly used to
support the adrenal glands when a person is under stress. Studies
conducted in China showed that these herbs are successful anti-
anxiety agents. In the same studies, both herbs proved even more
potent when combined with licorice and the Chinese herbs poria and
bunge root. This ancient Chinese combination is known as
Suanzaorentang. A 1986 study showed that this treatment is almost as
effective as the anti-anxiety drug diazepam (known commercially as
Valium) in dealing with anxiety, weakness, irritability and insomnia.
When taken three times a day, the herbal combination, unlike the
drug, improved psychomotor skills and produced no side effects. In
another 1986 study done in Europe, this same combination helped
people whose anxiety attacks were so severe that they often
experienced heart palpitations, chest pains and shortness of breath.
Valerian has also been compared with various prescription drugs. It
is no wonder, considering that this herb affects the same nerve
receptors as benzodiazepines. The most popular of these tranquilizers
is Valium, which doctors have long prescribed to relieve symptoms of
anxiety. The drug is also used to lessen the anxiety, agitation and
tremors that occur during alcohol and nicotine withdrawal.

Physicians in Germany commonly prescribe valerian in place of Valium
or Xanax (another very common anti-anxiety drug) for mild and even
moderate cases of anxiety. Some recommend fairly large doses—up to
two teaspoons of the tincture at least twice a day. If you are
taking Valium, Xanax or related drugs on the advice of a physician,
do not discontinue them without your doctor's approval. No
prescription drug should be discontinued before the prescribed stop
date without consulting a doctor. They are addictive. You may see

The results of one study conducted in 1993 showed that valerian and
hops combination calms the central nervous system. When volunteers
took this combination, several measurements showed that they
experienced less depression and anxiety. In fact, the herbs worked
faster than if the subjects had been given prescription drugs—hops
and valerian worked in only two weeks, as opposed to the six weeks
required for drugs. The herbs also caused far fewer side effects. If
you are used to strong prescription sedatives, herbs such as valerian
seem to have a harder time taking effect.

Motherwort—recognized today as a heart herb that also increases blood
circulation in the brain—was recommended by the seventeenth-century
herbalist Nicholas Culpeper to prevent melancholy. In modern times,
it has been studied in Germany, where it is recognized as a mild
sedative effective for treating anxiety and sleep disorders.
Modern herbalists find that both lemon balm and motherwort help
alleviate depression, especially when combined with other
antidepressant herbs. And aromatherapists commonly use the scent of
lemon balm to treat depression.

For relieving depression and anxiety capsules of GLA, which is found
in evening primrose, borage and black currant seed oils can also be
taken. In studies done at the London Children's Hyperactive Clinic in
England, evening primrose oil was shown to reduce depression and
nightmares in children.

In Ayurveda commonly prescribed herb is Ashwagandha commonly referred
as Indian ginseng. In a 1990 study, ashwagandha was given to people
who had been diagnosed with anxiety disorders. Ashwaganda treatments
improved the mental condition of most participants in only three
months. This herb is used to such an extent in India, that it is
worthwhile studying many other usages for it as well.

The city dweller is subjected to both body and mental stress these
days. The nervous debility causes fatigue, insomnia and weakness.
Coughing, asthma attacks, water retention and even leucodema are
likely when such a debility continues for a long time. Other than
physical weakness, waist pain and uterus pain can occur for ladies.
In many cases, they loose libido after birth of one or two children.
Aswagandha is indicated in all such cases. In India it is available
round the year, more so after monsoons. It strengthens all seven
dhatus. It is atonic for both men and women. If ladies are suffering
from menstrual disorders causing unnatural discharges and back pains,
Aswagandha provides amazing results. For underweight persons, it
causes weight build up.

Aswagandha is an aphrodisiac, especially when libido needs to be
built up. Semen debility, premature ejaculation, wet dreams are
common situations wherein just a teaspoon of following mixture helps.
Aswagandha, Satavari, Gokharu, Vidarikand, Yeshtimadhu, Kapikachhu
Seeds. Grind all six in equal proportion and take one tsp of the
mixture daily morning evening along with honey, sweet milk or
Ghee+Sugar. In ayurveda, whereever Ghee is mentioned, treat it as
Indian Cow Ghee and Sugar means crystal sugar.

Author has used this mixture for childless couples. Aswagandha tailam
has been used for massage. It increases fleshy tissues. Girls with
inadequate bust before marriage, can use it to develop those glands.
Aswagandha Avaleha is similar to Chyvanprasha, a nervine and body
tonic. There are eighteen items used while preparing this Leha. It
can be prepared at home also, provided one has energy and patience.
By taking 1-2 tsp of this "Leha" followed by a cup of milk, Waist
pain, fatigue after the loss of dhatu during sex gets reduced.

One can prepare Aswagandha Pak also. Take Indian Cow Milk, four times
by weight of aswgandha powder. Mix both and slow boil while stirring
to make khoya. This khoya is mixed with cow ghee and heated till
golden brown. Add crystal sugar syrup. When growing children are
fed "Pedha" made from this aswgandha pak, they build up muscles
proportionately and strength. The intellect also builds up in case of
teenagers as aswagandha is a nervine tonic. Those who are underweight
and suffer from anxiety, can use this Pak beneficially, 1 tsp morning

After locking the house and starting the car, one often has a doubt
whether he closed all the taps, switched off lights, etc. This kind
of forgetfulness can be corrected by Aswgandha. It is also a
galactogogue, where lactating mothers can use an equal mixture of
aswgandha and vidarikand (1-1 tsp 2x daily) to increase milk supply.
The nervine weakness during oldage gets corrected by this mixture.
This experiment can be done round the year and year after year. No
side effects.

An arishtam made by aswagandha is known as "Aswagandharishtam". 2 tsp
with equal water at bedtime causes deep sleep, after the usage for
about a month. Overworking intellectuals should often use it to
offset nervous debility due to hyperactivity.

Aswagandha can be taken along with dates and shilajit or dates+ghee+
shilajit strictly under the supervision of a vaidya. Health and
beauty both can be increased by this experiment. Many vaidhyas add
aswagandha to Chyavan prasha. Aswagandha Lepa can be used on aching
joints as pain reliever. The patients suffering from sciatica can
benefit by taking aswgandha formulations. It is also useful as tonic
during convalscence after T.B.

Other usages include Aswgandha kashaya along with ghee and milk to
pregnant women to improve their strength and body tone, its powder
along with Amla juice and licorice powder for improving eyesight.
Juice of its fresh leaves, when applied on external swellings and
tumors it causes them to become soft and less sore. It appears to
reove water on a limited use.

Aswagandha is brain nutrient, shodhak, vata pacifier, rasayan (anti-
ageing). Harmless and cheap herb. If a lady takes its 1 tsp powder
with cow milk for three days morning evening after the completion of
menses, the chances of conception increase. On the other hand, ½ tsp
turmeric powder along with honey kill those chances. Aswagandha
powder reduces the phosphates being rejected through kidney. The
author used it successfully to cure such a genetic kidney defect for
a teenager boy. Aswgandha can also be used by combining it with
Shankhpushpi, Brahmi, raisins to enhance its nervine tonic effects.

The scan of several ancient texts and discussion with practitioners
indicates that no mention/experience exists on use of aswgandha
leaves for slimming. The herb builds rather than reduces. The roots
are extensively used rather than leaves.

Dr. Shirish Bhate


Sunday, September 12, 2010


Although the famous herb
Aswagandha is most widely
known as a rejuvenative herb
which gives strength and
vitality, this preparation brings
out Aswangandha's
considerable nervine
properties. It rejuvenates the
entire nervous system,
nurturing, calming and
clarifying. It is useful for
neurological and mental
disorders, psychosis,
epilepsy, insomnia, fainting
and loss of memory.


Jaggery, Sugar, Honey,
Ashwagandha, Brahmin ginseng,
Five flame bush, Indian madder,
Chebulic myrobalan, Turmeric, Tree
turmeric, Licorice, Vanda orchid,
Giant potato, Arjuna myrobalan,
Nutgrass, Transparent woodrose,
Indian stinging nettle, Indian
sarsaparilla, Sandalwood, Malabar
kino, Sweet flag, White leadwort,
Cardamom, Cinnamon, Patchouli,
Callicarpa, Ginger, Black pepper,
Long pepper, Indian ironwood.

Recommended use:

1-2 Tbsp./15-30 ml. twice daily.

Rumalaya forte tablets fortify Himalaya’s presence in arthritis control

Rumalaya forte tablets fortify Himalaya’s presence in arthritis control
EHM Team - Bangalore

Himalaya, pioneer in herbal healthcare and producer of the popular Liv 52 has strengthened its presence in the anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory market with the launch of Rumalaya forte in January this year. The existing brands of Himalaya such as Rumalaya tablets and Rumalaya cream are well accepted by the medical fraternity for arthritis and other painful inflammatory disorders of muscles and joints.

Arthritis and inflammatory disorders of muscles and joints account for more than 31.5 crore outpatient visits every year worldwide and these disorders result in symptoms like pain, swelling, stiffness, restricted mobility of joints and lead to deterioration in the quality of life. Arthritis erodes the capability to perform basic functions, prevents the person from participating in daily routine activities and can cause emotional and socio-economic problems.

Unfortunately, current therapies such as NSAIDs are less than ideal as most of the NSAIDs are known to cause gastric irritation, gastrointestinal ulceration, reduced renal blood flow, platelet dysfunction and exacerbation of asthma, allergic reactions and skin rashes. Hence, these drugs are not recommended for long-term administration. Though the newer NSAIDs are considered to be safer, they have limitation in terms of cost of therapy, which is beyond the reach of common people.

Present therapies present a lot of side effects and then there is also the concern about escalating costs. “For this niche, Himalaya developed an effective, safe and cost effective medicine for better arthritis control. These aspects are very important for patients who do not tolerate NSAIDs and are high-risk patients,” said Philipe Haydon GM-Pharma Marketing.

Rumalaya forte is specially formulated for long-term use in arthritis and other painful inflammatory disorders affecting muscles and joints. Rumalaya forte is an effective and safe alternative to other anti-inflammatory drugs. Rumalaya forte is a potent herbomineral formulation with the dual advantage of Shallaki and Guggulu. Rumalaya forte provides better arthritis control, and thus improves the quality of life in arthritic patients. Shallaki and Guggulu are well known in medical and scientific communities across the world for their proven efficacy in joint care. Shallaki (Boswellia serrata) present in Rumalaya forte is approved by the FDA and Council of Europe. Guduchi in Rumalaya forte is well known for its immunomodulatory activity. Rumalaya forte also contains Rasna, Yashti-madhu and Gokshura. Clinical trials have proven the effectiveness and safety of Rumalaya forte. Rumalaya forte exerts potent immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory analgesic actions, and thereby reduces joint swelling, relieves pain and improves joint mobility. The market for anti-rheumatic, ani-inflammatory and analgesic preparations is huge and NSAIDs form the largest segment of this market.

The NSAIDs market is estimated to be around Rs 800 crore and growing at 14 per cent annually (Source: ORG MARG data of November 2001). An interesting fact is that, this market for anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic preparations contributes around five per cent to the total pharma market. Rumalaya forte comes with a twice-daily dose and is available in a convenient monthly dose pack of 60 tablets (2 strips of 30s), the cost of which is Rs 90. Himalaya with its excellent market coverage and penetration aims to strengthen its position in the vast anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory & analgesic preparations market, with the launch of Rumalaya forte tablets.

Benefits of Rumalaya Forte

Himalaya Rumalaya Forte
Benefits of Rumalaya Forte: Joint care, joint health, muscle and joint flexibility

Rumalaya Forte from Himalaya herbals for muscle and joint care

Rumalaya forte from Himalaya Herbals is a powerful herbal ayurvedic formulation with the dual advantage of Boswellia and Guggul. Rumalaya forte helps to maintain the integrity of joints and muscles and connective tissue. It promotes normal strength and flexibility of the joints and muscles.

Maintaining joint health is important since joints allow our bodies to move and be flexible in order to perform everyday tasks. Cartilage helps to cushion the joints which also have fluid that helps reduce friction. Rumalaya Forte provides overall support of the musculoskeletal system

Boswellia and Guggulu present in Rumalaya forte are well known in worldwide medical and scientific communities for their proven efficacy in joint care. Guduchi in Rumalaya forte is well known for its immunomodulatory activity. Rumalaya forte also contains Alpinia galanga, Licorice and Tribulus terrestris - herbs that maintain flexibility and support connective tissue.

Benefits of Rumalaya forte

  • Rumalaya Forte maintains healthy, mobile joints and muscles
  • Rumalaya Forte relieves everyday pain and stiffness
  • Rumalaya Fore supports a normal inflammatory response
  • Rumalaya Forte helps cope with sprains and strains from physical activity
  • Rumalaya Forte maintains healthy cartilage and connective tissue
  • Rumalaya Forte promotes circulation
  • Rumalaya Forte keeps all joints moving freely
  • Rumalaya Forte supports health in large joints as well as small joints of the hands, feet, toes, elbows and knees
  • Rumalaya Forte supports muscle energy and joint vitality.
  • Rumalaya Forte promotes a healthy range of motion and normal body flexibility
  • Rumalaya Forte maintains comfort levels in all joints

Rumalaya forte Ingredients (Per Tablet):

  • Boswellia / Shallaki (Boswellia serrata) 240mg
  • Indian Bedellium / Guggul (Commiphora wightii) 200mg
  • Rasna (Alpinia galanga) 70mg
  • Licorice / Yashti madhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 70mg
  • Small caltrops / Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) 60mg
  • Tinospora Gulancha / Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) 60mg

Directions for taking Rumalaya forte

2 capsules twice daily with meals. Use with RUMALAYA GEL for best results.

Rumalaya forte from Himalaya Herbals

Rumalaya forte is from the renowned Himalaya Herbals brand endorsed by over 250,000 doctors worldwide and used by customers in over 60 countries. Himalaya Herbals products have been researched clinically and standardized to guarantee bioequivalence. Bioequivalence refers to ensuring that the product on the market is equivalent to the one on which clinical trials were successfully conducted. Himalaya Herbal Healthcare uses chromatographic fingerprinting, one of the most sophisticated standardization techniques, to ensure consistent quality and performance

Rumalaya forte Research and Clinical Studies

The benefits of Rumalaya Forte with regards to bone and joint health have been documented in medical journals and various clinical studies and research has been conducted.

Rumalaya forte (tablet)

Rumalaya forte is an effective anti-inflammatory analgesic with immunomodulatory action.


Please consult your physician to prescribe the dosage that best suits your condition.

Side Effects

Rumalaya forte tablet is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.


Rumalaya forte tablet is useful for the treatment of:
Rheumatoid arthritis
Cervical and lumbar spondylosis
Traumatic inflammatory conditions like fibrositis, bursitis, synovitis, capsulitis, tenosynovitis, myositis and sciatica
Frozen shoulder


Rumalaya forte tablet contains:


Shallaki (Boswellia serrata) 240mg
Guggulu Suddha (Commiphora wightii) 200mg
Rasna (Alpinia galanga) 70mg
Yashti-madhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 70mg


Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) 60 mg
Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) 60mg

Rabecca Kurangkan Aktiviti Lakonan

Ahad Januari 16, 2011

Rabecca selamat bergelar isteri Nor Azam Sulaiman. - Foto oleh AZLINA ABDULLAH

AMPANG: Pelakon Rabecca Nur Al Islam, 24, mengakui tidak akan meninggalkan kerjaya lakonana tapi mengurangkan aktiviti seni tersebut bagi menumpukan perhatian kepada keluarga.

Dia yang baru sahaja mendirikan rumah tangga bersama Nor Azam Sulaiman, 43, malam Jumaat lalu juga memberitahu lebih memilih watak yang akan dilakonkan dalam sesebuah drama.

"Saya tidak akan berhenti berlakon selepas ini, namun begitu saya akan mengurangkannya agar tidak menjejaskan masa bersama keluarga.

"Dari segi watak juga saya akan lebih memilih kepada watak yang bersesuaian dengan status sekarang," ujarnya.

Pasangan ini dinikahkan oleh Penolong Pendaftar Nikah, Cerai dan Rujuk, Masjid Al-Ridhuan, Hulu Klang, Muhammad Ibrahim pada majlis ringkas yang berlangsung di kediaman mereka di Ukay Perdana, di sini kira-kira pukul 9.40 malam, Jumaat.

Dalam pada itu, ketika ditanya keistimewaan Nor Azam di matanya, Rabecca memberitahu Azam seorang yang mempunyai sifat kebapaan yang membuatkannya tertarik.

"Banyak yang saya tertarik dengan dia, salah satunya ialah sifat kebapaannya, saya pula seorang yang sangat sukakan kanak-kanak dan lebih bersifat keibuan sebab itu saya mencari seorang yang sama dengan saya.

"Dia juga mempunyai dua anak dan saya seorang anak, anak-anak kami sudah saling mengenali, menghormati dan menerima saya seadanya," katanya.

Sementara itu, Azam ketika ditanya keistimewaan Rabecca di matanya, dia memberitahu kali pertama terpikat dengan wanita itu kerana paras rupanya yang menawan.

"Kalau ditanya tentang apa yang membuat dia menarik perhatian saya ialah kejetitaannya, yang selebihnya kena tanya selepas kami tinggal sekali," jelasnya.

Bagaimanapun, ketika ditanya tentang lakonan Rabecca, Azam memberitahu dia tidak pernah melarang isterinya itu untuk meneruskan kerjaya seninya.

"Saya tak kisah dia berlakon, saya percaya dia atas dirinya, dia pandai membawa diri, namun begitu tentang watak yang akan dilakonkan kami akan berbincang terlebih dahulu," jelasnya.

Pasangan mempelai itu akan berbulan madu di London dan Paris selama dua minggu mulai 14 Februari depan.

Majlis pernikahan mereka dihadiri kira-kira 200 tetamu yang terdiri daripada ibu bapa, keluarga dan sanak saudara terdekat kedua-dua belah pihak.

Majlis resepsi perkahwinan mereka akan diadakan pada Sabtu untuk rakan-rakan dan pihak media di Hotel Flamingo, Ampang berkonsepkan Inggeris.

Sementara majlis resepsi untuk keluarga pula akan diadakan di Menara Kuala Lumpur pada Ahad.

MIC Mahu Perkataan Pariah Digugurkan Daripada Novel Interlok

Sabtu Januari 15, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR: Isu perkataan pariah dalam Interlok perlu ditutup, kata Presiden MIC Datuk G.Palanivel.

Memandangkan ia bukan isu politik, ia bagaimanapun, suatu yang sensitif kepada kaum India di negara ini, katanya sambil menambah bahawa parti itu tidak akan berganjak agar perkataan itu digugurkan daripada novel itu.

Palanivel berharap lima anggota panel yang telah disenaraikan oleh parti itu untuk berbincang dengan Kementerian Pelajaran berhubung penggunaan perkataan itu di dalam novel yang telah digunakan sebagai buku teks kesusasteraan bagi Tingkatan Lima bermula tahun ini, dapat menyelesaikan isu sensitif itu.

Beliau bercakap kepada Bernama selepas menghadiri sambutan Ponggal 1Malaysia di ibu pejabat MIC di sini, Sabtu.

MIC telah melantik Presiden Hindu Sangam R. S. Mohan Shan, bekas Ketua Jabatan Pengajian India Universiti Malaya Dr S.Singaravelu, Ketua Jabatan itu sekarang Profesor Madya Dr S. Kumaran, Pengerusi Biro Pendidikan MIC Datuk Dr T. Marimuthu dan bekas pegawai Kementerian Pelajaran G.

Krishnabagwan sebagai anggota panel untuk berbincang mengenai isu itu. Naib Presiden MIC Datuk S. K. Devamany berharap isu itu yang disifatkannya sebagai "hanya satu isu kecil" tidak perlu diperbesar-besarkan dan diambil kesempatan oleh pihak tertentu demi kepentingan politik mereka.

Bagaimanapun, Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri itu tidak bersetuju dengan penggunaan novel itu sebagai buku teks bagi pelajar Tingkatan Lima kerana berpendapat mereka masih terlalu muda untuk memahami sistem kasta seperti yang digambarkan dalam novel hasil karya Sasterawan Negara Datuk Abdullah Hussein.

"Kita tidak mahu isu ini menimbulkan suasana tidak harmoni antara guru dan para pelajar," katanya.

Sementara itu, Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk T.Murugiah berkata Biro Pengaduan Awam di bawah seliaannya telah menerima 27 aduan terhadap novel itu.

Setiausaha Pemuda MIC C. Sivarraajh berkata pergerakan itu dengan kerjasama Koperasi Buku Malaysia Berhad merancang untuk menganjurkan satu debat mengenai perkara itu di Rumah Universiti, Universiti Malaya pada 26 Januari.

Wakil-wakil dari parti, profesion perguruan dan persatuan penulis-penulis kebangsaan dijangka mengambil bahagian.-BERNAMA

Rabecca rahsia duit hantaran

Rabecca rahsia duit hantaran

Oleh Nor Akmar Samudin

SAH...Nor Azam dinikahkan oleh Muhamad di Sering Ukay, Ukay Perdana, malam tadi.
SAH...Nor Azam dinikahkan oleh Muhamad di Sering Ukay, Ukay Perdana, malam tadi.
KENANGAN...Rabecca bersama rakan baiknya, Umie  Aida.
KENANGAN...Rabecca bersama rakan baiknya, Umie Aida.

AMPANG: Dengan sekali lafaz, debaran Rabecca Nur Al-Islam Ahmad, 25, berakhir kerana kini sah menjadi milik lelaki pilihan hatinya, Nor Azam Sulaiman, 43.

Pernikahan pelakon jelita itu berlangsung di kediaman barunya di Sering Ukay, Ukay Perdana di sini, malam tadi.

Pasangan itu dinikahkan Penolong Pendaftar Nikah, Cerai dan Rujuk Masjid Ar Ridhuan, Ulu Klang, Muhamad Ibrahim dan diwalikan bapa Rabecca.

Pelakon itu menerima mas kahwin RM333.33 dan 13 dulang hantaran.

Bagaimanapun, Rabecca yang anggun mengenakan baju pernikahan putih hasil sentuhan pereka fesyen terkenal, Calvin Thoo, merahsiakan jumlah wang hantaran diterima.

Nor Azam yang juga duda anak dua itu turut mengenakan baju Melayu rona sama sentuhan Calvin Thoo.

Rabecca yang ditemui selepas berlangsungnya majlis pernikahan itu berkata, dia gembira kerana semuanya berjalan lancar dan selamat bergelar isteri.

“Alhamdulillah, saya berasa tenang dan gembira. Cuma saya sedih kerana jika selama ini, saya tinggal bersama emak, tetapi sekarang menjalani hidup bersama suami. Bagaimanapun, saya agak lega kerana rumah emak tidak jauh dari rumah saya, jadi kami masih selalu dapat berjumpa.

“Jika saya ada sebarang aktiviti lakonan, saya akan tinggalkan Adam (Nor Adam Daniel - anak angkat) bersama emak kerana sejak kecil sampai sekarang, emak yang membelanya.

“Saya berdoa rumah tangga yang dibina ini berkekalan sehingga ke akhir hayat dan semoga Allah kurniakan kami zuriat yang ramai,” katanya.

Pasangan mempelai itu berbulan madu di London dan Paris selama dua minggu, pada 14 Februari ini.

Bapa hempas bayi

Bapa hempas bayi

Oleh Mohd Husni Mohd Noor

IPOH: Akibat sikap panas baran melampau, seorang lelaki bukan saja memukul isterinya dengan tali pinggang ketika bertengkar dengan wanita itu tapi turut menghempas anaknya berusia 18 bulan ke atas tilam nipis hingga bayi itu patah tulang paha kanan.

Kejadian berlaku di rumah keluarga berkenaan di Kampung Dato’ Ahmad Said, Manjoi di sini pada 7 Januari lalu, namun lelaki berusia 54 tahun itu ditahan polis kira-kira 4 pagi semalam selepas dia menyerah diri di Balai Polis Jelapang.

Akibat kecederaan itu, bayi lelaki berkenaan terpaksa menerima rawatan selama seminggu di Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun (HRPB) di sini sebelum dibenarkan pulang ke rumah semalam.

Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah negeri, Datuk Mohd Dzuraidi Ibrahim berkata, kejadian berlaku ketika suspek bertengkar dengan isterinya yang berusia 38 tahun di rumah selepas pulang daripada berniaga.

“Siasatan awal kami mendapati, ketika pertengkaran itu, suspek dikatakan menghempas bayinya ke atas tilam hingga menyebabkan mangsa parah dan dirawat di HRPB.

“Selain itu, suspek juga dikatakan turut memukul isterinya dengan menggunakan tali pinggang hingga cedera selain mengugut wanita itu,” katanya ketika dihubungi di sini, semalam.

Dzuraidi berkata, suspek yang bekerja sendiri kini direman sehingga Ahad ini untuk siasatan lanjut.

“Suspek kini disiasat atas tiga kesalahan termasuk Seksyen 326 Kanun Keseksaan kerana menyebabkan kecederaan parah kepada anaknya serta Seksyen 323 dan 506 mengikut seksyen sama iaitu kerana mencederakan dan mengugut isterinya,” katanya.

Katanya, pihak hospital memaklumkan anak pasangan itu dalam keadaan stabil dan sudah dibenarkan pulang semalam.

Sementara itu, usaha Harian Metro untuk mendapatkan maklum balas daripada isteri lelaki itu gagal kerana dia enggan memberi kerjasama disebabkan masih kusut dengan masalah yang menimpa keluarganya.

Bagaimanapun, tinjauan mendapati bayi itu hanya mampu terlantar atas katil di rumahnya dengan keadaan paha kanan berbalut simen.

Malah, anak bongsu yang juga zuriat ketujuh pasangan suami isteri itu kerap menangis disebabkan kecederaan yang dialami.

Pelabur serai terpaksa gigit jari

Oleh Md Fuzi Abd Lateh

KECEWA…(dari kiri) Mohamad Diah, Rahsidi dan Rizal menunjukkan surat  perjanjian yang ditandatangani dan salinan laporan polis yang dibuat mereka, semalam.
KECEWA…(dari kiri) Mohamad Diah, Rahsidi dan Rizal menunjukkan surat perjanjian yang ditandatangani dan salinan laporan polis yang dibuat mereka, semalam.

KUALA KUBU BHARU: “Saya geram kerana pelaburan dalam projek tanaman serai berkelompok ini mengakibatkan saya kerugian puluhan ribu ringgit,” kata Mohamad Diah Hamidon, 31, mangsa sindiket pelaburan tidak berdaftar secara sah.

Menurutnya, dia seorang daripada 35 mangsa yang mengalami kerugian RM600, 000 selepas melabur antara RM5,000 dan RM30, 000 seorang mengikut saiz tanah yang dilabur untuk projek tanaman serai di kawasan Felda Sungai Tengi di sini.

Katanya, dia kerugian RM15,000 selepas menyertai projek itu awal tahun lalu dan kini hampir berputih mata kerana masih gagal mendapatkan semula wang dibelanjakan itu.

“Saya dan rakan kecewa apabila diperdaya anak tempatan yang gagal memaklumkan status pelaburan itu.

“Kami mendapat tahu pemilik syarikat terbabit melarikan diri bersama wang pelaburan kami ke Kelantan beberapa bulan lalu,” katanya ketika ditemui di sini, semalam.

Mohd Diah berkata, dia bersama mangsa lain membuat laporan di Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Kuala Kubu Bharu, pada 16 Oktober lalu.

Katanya, dia tertarik menyertai skim pelaburan pertanian itu apabila dijanjikan pulangan serta keuntungan melebihi RM80,000.

Seorang lagi mangsa, Rizal Kasmu, 26, berkata, dia melabur RM10,000 dengan dijanjikan pulangan mencecah RM68,000 mengikut hasil tuaian serai seluas lebih sehektar.

Namun, katanya, bagaikan indah khabar dari rupa, apabila dia bukan saja tidak menerima bayaran keuntungan, malah syarikat terbabit masih berhutang benih serai bernilai RM2,500.

“Berdasarkan perjanjian, saya sepatutnya menerima hasil keuntungan RM17,000 untuk 0.4 hektar tanah yang diusahakan. “Namun, walaupun syarikat itu sudah menuai hasil serai seluas 0.4 hektar, tetapi keuntungan dijanjikan belum diterima,” katanya.

Rakannya, Rahsidi Hussain, 36, berkata, wang RM10,000 yang dilaburkan dalam projek itu lesap begitu sahaja.

Menurutnya, kini pengurus syarikat yang turut mendaftarkan dua lagi syarikat dimiliki isteri dan adik-beradiknya menghilangkan diri bersama hasil dan wang pelaburannya.

“Saya memulakan projek itu pada Jun 2009 dan berdasarkan surat perjanjian, saya mampu menuai hasil tanaman itu selepas enam bulan.

“Tetapi, kami ditipu,” katanya yang berasal dari Ampang, Selangor.

Kurang ilmu psikologi

KUALA LUMPUR: Kurangnya ilmu psikologi dan komunikasi sosial di kalangan wanita menjadi punca mereka mudah terpedaya dengan janji manis dan godaan ‘buaya profesional’ yang sentiasa mencari kesempatan menipu bagi mendapatkan kemewahan hidup.

Presiden Pertubuhan Wanita Muslim Antarabangsa Malaysia, Dr Robiah Kulop Hamzah, (gambar) berkata latar belakang pendidikan tinggi bukan benteng kepada wanita menyelamatkan diri menjadi mangsa lelaki penipu. “Segelintir wanita profesional menyangka ilmu pengetahuan dimiliki sudah memadai membuat penilaian dan mengenal pasti golongan lelaki buaya yang datang dengan tujuan jahat,” katanya ketika mengulas laporan muka depan Harian Metro semalam.

Laporan itu menyebut seorang lelaki yang mempunyai dua isteri dan lima anak licik memperdaya lapan wanita untuk melabur dalam syarikatnya dengan menjanjikan keuntungan berlipat ganda dalam tempoh singkat dengan berbekalkan wajah tampan dan kepetahan berkata-kata. Selepas mengikis wang wanita dipikat, kasanova berusia 45 tahun terbabit menghilangkan diri menyebabkan mangsa kerugian besar apabila tidak mendapat pulangan dijanjikan.

Bagaimanapun, kelicikannya berakhir apabila ditahan di rumahnya di Kampung Melayu Subang, dekat sini, pada 7 Januari lalu. Ia berikutan laporan polis mangsa terbarunya, seorang doktor wanita yang menyerahkan kepadanya wang pelaburan RM300,000.

Dr Robiah berkata, selain sikap mahu cepat kaya dengan cara mudah, wanita juga kurang membuat siasatan terhadap sesuatu perniagaan kerana tidak mahu dianggap cerewet.

Jangan berlagak pandai, dapatkan nasihat rakan, ahli keluarga atau orang lain terlebih dulu. Ini kerana mereka yang mudah ditipu biasanya tidak mempunyai pengalaman dan langsung tidak mahu berkongsi pengalaman orang lain,” katanya.

Bahagia jadi mama

KUALA LUMPUR: “Saya nak jadi mama (ibu) yang baik kepada anak saya. Dia permata hati dan saya sangat berbahagia menjalani kehidupan bersamanya...tak nak mengimbas lagi perkara lalu,” kata Salsabila Yunan, 17, yang kisahnya menjadi perhatian ramai pada penghujung 2009 apabila nekad mengikut kekasihnya dan berkahwin di Pulau Lombok, Indonesia.

Dalam kunjungan wartawan akhbar ini ke rumahnya semalam, jelas dapat dilihat betapa mendalam kasih sayang Salsabila atau Bella kepada anaknya, Sakura Afifi Abdullah yang kini berusia hampir tujuh bulan.

Dia yang pernah membintangi beberapa drama tempatan termasuk Gerak Khas, Renjis, Ke Syurga Cinta dan iklan Ribena, berkata sejak melahirkan Sakura Afifi di Hospital Selayang pada jam 7.40 malam 22 Jun tahun lalu, dia tidak boleh berenggang dengan anaknya itu.

“Pengalaman bersama Fifi (panggilan manja Sakura Afifi) menyedarkan saya susah payah membesarkan seorang anak. Memang penat sebenarnya, namun saya bahagia. Seronok membawa Fifi jalan-jalan keliling rumah. “Semua kawan sebaya saya berebut nak dukung Fifi sebab saya seorang saja yang sudah ada anak,” katanya.

Bella berkata, dia sudah memutuskan hubungan dengan Hafiz Sukma, 31, lelaki Lombok yang dinikahinya di pulau itu sebelum dia dibawa pulang Biro Aduan Komuniti Pemuda Umno ke tanah air pada 23 Februari tahun lalu dalam keadaan hamil lima bulan.

Bella memberitahu, dia tidak mahu lagi mengingati perkara lalu dan apa yang difikirkan kini hanyalah perancangan membesarkan anaknya.

“Saya sedang memikirkan sama ada mengikuti kelas kemahiran solekan atau membantu perniagaan kantin kakak saya (Faridah, 51),” katanya.

Walaupun terlepas peperiksaan Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) gara-gara terjebak janji manis pemuda Lombok ketika masih di tingkatan tiga di Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Kampung Batu Muda, dekat sini, Bella reda dengan ketentuan nasibnya.

“Sudah berkali-kali saya menangguhkan untuk bekerja sebab belum mampu berenggang dengan Fifi. Jika bekerja mesti kena hantar anak ke rumah pengasuh sebab ayah dah uzur,” katanya.

Sementara itu, ayah Bella, Yunan Mat Ayat, 78, berkata, dia berharap anaknya dapat mempelajari erti kehidupan sebenar selepas bergelar ibu.

Menurutnya, perasaan sayangkan anak itulah menyebabkan dia tidak malu merayu pelbagai pihak termasuk polis, Biro Aduan Komuniti Pemuda Umno serta dua pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) iaitu Perhimpunan Indonesia untuk Buruh Migran Berdaulat Migrant Care serta Kijang Care apabila Bella tidak pulang pada 7 Ogos 2009.

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