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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ink no help if electoral rolls remain 'dirty': Mahfuz


Sep 2: The use of indelible ink to prevent double voting could not guarantee a clean and fair election as long as the problems in the electoral rolls were not addressed, said PAS vice president Mahfuz Omar (pic).

“Clean up the electoral rolls first, then use the indelible ink and whatever system to improve the election system in the country.

"If the electoral rolls are not clean, the use of indelible ink to prevent double voting will not help much,” said Mahfuz.

The Pokok Sena member of parliament stressed that the main weakness of the country’s electoral system was in the electoral rolls, which have come under heavy focus following a spate of revelations of non-citizens and 'duplicate' persons in the lists.

Commenting on Election Commission chairman Abdul Aziz Yusof's statement that the indelible ink was easier to implement compared to biometric system, Mahfuz said the EC's main focus should be cleaning up the electoral rolls.

He also backed a proposal by his colleague Salahuddin Ayub to have the electoral rolls audited by internationally recognised independent auditors.

“The electoral rolls must be checked thoroughly, the overlapping names, dubious citizenship status, non-existent voters and other doubts which must be cleared from the electoral rolls,” he said.

The issue of the electoral rolls is one of the eight demands put forward by electoral reforms coalition Bersih 2.0.

The others demands include total reform of the postal votes, use of indelible ink, minimum campaign period of 21 days, open-minded mainstream and broadcast media, reform of public institutions, eradication of corruption and vote buying practices, and an end to 'gutter' politics.

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