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The Muhyiddin agenda

Posted by admin on August 21st, 2011

See, you see! It is very true. Not only PM Najib, but our DPM Muhyiddin Yassin too, has assured the Malays that the federal government still puts Bumiputera interests at top priority. Speaking at the Strengthening the New Economic Model — 1 Jihad Bumiputera Economy convention at Universiti Teknologi Mara, the DPM also said, “The main agenda is to defend all races and within that agenda is the fact that Malays and Bumiputeras should not be abandoned.”

So dear Malaysians, while it is good news for Bumiputras, the others must be patient and understanding. One day, when the majority race reaches the targeted 30% ‘bumi’ participation, we will give you guys many thanks. And now that the government has Teraju, Pemandu and Mapem to blaze a trail, it will not be long before we finally hit the desired target. So be patient non-Bumis, your day will come and very soon.

That’s what some of the top UMNO leaders say to certain audiences anyway. And to make sure that all sides are covered, others with links to this elite group such as Perkasa might be prompted to say things like these to other audiences:

But you know, it is actually very hard for the government to talk about a Malaysian agenda, when the majority race is still lagging so very far behind. Maybe with good support from non-Bumis, we can achieve target in one or two centuries. Or lesser if we work very hard together and appoint a Minister for Bumi Affairs.

Also remember, article 153 protects the Weak. So we should not be shy to be the only country in the world where the minoriti subsidizes the majoriti. Many kritik say it is Umnoputra’s agenda, but is not true as it is actually bumiputra agenda. Many Umnoputra have to learn to stand on their own two feet, but the bumiputra still cannot and need tongkats. But not all is weak.

Many Malaysian Malays in PAS ruled states, use own brain, own judgement and bisness acumen to compete for projects and survive without corruption. They good muslim too, who no play under-kaunter one. Work very hard and honest and godly too. They also know that Islam is entirely against any form of racism so they see no excuse not to work hard.

Also, world ekonomi so bad, that country coffers no money. So government very poor now, and have to cut subsidi. Not only Malaysians but bumi also effected. Non-Bumi must trust government and not be so trigger happy to migrate over the sea. Remember, the government never mean you any harm if you stay and contribute to Malaysian economy. Remember, good citizens also always pay taxes.

Also, opposition claim that RM52 billion of RM54 billion of bumiputra equity gone missing is no true. The money is still with bumiputras, don’t know who…but not with Chinese or Indian. These are also in the over the sea bank and some under the bed, waiting to be used to benefit bumiputras when the time come. Better keep money to earn interest now, and invest when ekonomik is better. So Opposition, please don’t tell story that RM52 billion missing.

Also, BN tell us to be careful of Pakatan Rakyat. They might not be bumi-friendly and bumi may lose Tongkat if not careful. They believe in Malaysian Agenda and are citizen-friendly. So extinct punya political slogan still they insist on using!

Also, please don’t believe Opposition say, non-bumi is 2nd class citizens – it is not true at all. Non-Bumi are also 1st class citizen becoz we are born in this country. Bumiputra classification is just a little higher class like special class with more rights. If you no believe me, you can ask your political representative in the MCA, MIC and Gerakan. They tell you same thing that we are all 1st class citizen.

Many people say, BN politicians very rich..but where got? They only get Proton Perdana company car while other Malaysians drive Kancil. Only TNB CEO is rich. His salary about RM10,000.00 a month. So that’s why our elektrik bill also increase a little more.

It is so sad, that many in the opposition think that the good government policy is not Bumi agenda but want to call it an elitist agenda, self enrichment agenda, crony agenda, pilferage agenda, plundering agenda, corruption agenda, and wastage agenda. Tak bolih macam ni!!! Got to give government some credit!

Somebody say, maybe if we teach them how to fish, instead of giving fish as handouts, we can solve the Bumi problem very fast. The problem is, many bumi’s are not cut out to be fishermen, and not many live near the sea, and fishermen’s life is a hard one. Also the river and sea got less and less fish becoz of pollution, so not a very good option. Also is it not silly for every bumi to be fishermen?

That’s why, we must support DPM Muhyiddin when he becomes Prime Minister one day. Unlike Najib he no flip-flop and no mince his words. He defend all races, but he also give priority to weaker race becoz he no look down on them like Opposition.

His declaration, “I am Malay first, and then Malaysian” is very very powerful words. Even boss Najib dare not dispute such wise words, although it affected his 1Malaysia brainchild. He will make good Prime Minister one day unless something bad happens in the next general election.

So my dear Malaysians, think of your future, think of the ‘poor bumis’, think of your children, think of ‘fish’, think of ‘Proton Perdana’, think of migrating ‘over-the-sea’, think of ‘1st-class citizens’ before you decide to go shopping instead of voting in the next election.

Remember, your country needs you. So does Muhyiddin!

- Malaysia Chronicle

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