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A rattled MCA Youth chief, Wee Ka Siong, has slammed PKR over lurid photos of several girls whose presence at the party’s recent Youth AGM on Oct 2 had sparked a debate on whether they were brought in as “eye-candy”.Labelled MCA’s ‘glam girls’, photos of what appeared to be these girls were photo-shopped and posted on some blogs.Wee told reporters today that lurid photos of five of the MCA ‘glam girls’ had surfaced on pro-PKR blogs.

Slamming the party for engaging in such slanderous acts, he said: “I am very saddened that the party has embarked on such unethical acts.

“Pictures of these girls have been superimposed on naked bodies and posted on some blogs.

“There has been numerous complaints from the Beliawanis (MCA’s women youth wing) on this matter.”

Wee claimed the matter had become a hot issue after PKR youth wing, AMK had picked it up.

He said MCA took such matters seriously and had already engaged lawyers to deal with the issue of the lurid photos.

“They are contemplating taking the matter up with Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), ” he said.

Does occupation matter?

The presence of the 10 girls at party’s convention had caused a stir, with some quarters asking if it was a publicity stunt arranged by the party to promote the its women youth wing.

Doubts were also raised if they were genuine MCA party members.

Wee, when asked if he was aware of the girl’s professions, answered in the negative.

“Many people attended the party’s ceramah … it is impossible to know the occupation of every single attendee.

“I knew the occupation of some of the girls. Some were property negotiators and some worked in banks.

“Why does it matter what their occupations are if they have genuine interest in politics?,” he asked.

He denied that the girls were ‘eye-candy’ saying that they were all there as observers.

“What is wrong in the girls attending the event to gain exposure about the political process?” he asked and urged all parties to act “gentlemanly” and not engage in gutter politics.

Not responsible

Meanwhile in an immediate response to Wee’s accusation, PKR vice-president Tian Chua said that the party had nothing to do with it.

“Suara Keadilan (party’s newspaper) and Keadilan have (their own) official websites.

“We are not responsible for other websites that bear similar names.

“We do not engage in such gutter politics,” he said.

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